We cry

I wish you were still around so you could see how 

my attempts to meet you made

everyone cry

the dad has managed to make 

me cry

mom doesn”t realize how she can make

us cry

but if you saw this I wouldn’t want to see 

you cry

and you are gone

everytime I am sad

everytime the trail was set without me

I think of you

and I wonder

where you are 

to hold me

to love me

walk with me

the way they promised me you would 

Did you ever even enjoy me

look at me

or did you just get tired

of looking at yourself

with an empty side

What are you going to do

when you get tired

of my emptiness

your face is red

The sky cried

and soon after flushed with pink

from relief

I still don’t like your tears

but I like your sunset

I woke up crying

I woke up screaming

to the thought of you dead

and then 

When I held myself

to seek the comfort you did not give me

I realized

you were

Show me love


Tell me I’m pretty, tell me I matter

Tell me how wrong I am about myself, tell me to live

Tell me you love me.

I just want to know that you still do.

I can’t breathe

Tight Lungs

Mouth to Mouth

Lip to Lip

I’m actually trying really hard

to pretend this is just a kiss

Your Arms

Your arms

are scarred

and Weak

not very Strong

Your arms 

cannot Lift me up


Your love

Carries me 

into a s p a c e  

lined with soft dust

where only you and I exist

I’ve never visited your grave 

I am afraid

that when I get there

I will crumble

like the stone

of your gravemarker

I will fall 

just like you


another reminder.

the world is heavy
but your bones
(just a cubic inch)
can hold 19,000 lbs

ounce for ounce
they are stronger than steel

atom for atom
you are more precious than diamond

and stars have died
so that you may live

you need to remember these things
when you say that you are weak
and worthless

(Source: sinandserotonin)