Dear abuser

Your life is going to go on,
You don’t deserve it
You’ll go into a career,
You don’t deserve it
Maybe you’ll make a family,
You don’t deserve it
You have a bright future,
You don’t deserve it
Your life will go on
And no one will ever know what you did to me
I don’t deserve this

Ive been asking for help but its come to this

Put me in the children’s ward
Keep me in time out
For being so childish
As to sabotage myself
But if I ruin it for me
Would I?
Could I?
Mother, may I?
Get the help I need?

Her lips her soft

her stare was not

She lay on top of me

so I would feel beneath her

And I would surrender to her again

If we stopped using that creaky old bed

(Source: simplydiffryent)

“really i just hate youand everything you did to meand everything i willnever let anyonedo again.”

really i just hate you
and everything you did to me
and everything i will
never let anyone
do again.”


tracing our slanted lines
was the low vibrato
of a collapsed notebook
you and i were constants
coordinating on planes
rising and falling actions
denouements of dramas
converged upon peril
you left my words standing
to tumble in a stiff wind



The sun that touches my skin
will set before today’s end,
the moonlight that tucks me in
will wane from the sky,
and the stars that reign proudly
will fall beneath the weight of my wishes.

I am held by light that only knows
how to say goodbye.
The universe kisses me away.
My soul is bruised
with the colors of the galaxy.

I have only ever been temporary.
The whisper of life
that never quite lasted through Spring.


sweet wispy night 

caressed by your softness

clinch my eyes 

hold me

We cry

I wish you were still around so you could see how 

my attempts to meet you made

everyone cry

the dad has managed to make 

me cry

mom doesn”t realize how she can make

us cry

but if you saw this I wouldn’t want to see 

you cry

and you are gone

everytime I am sad

everytime the trail was set without me

I think of you

and I wonder

where you are 

to hold me

to love me

walk with me

the way they promised me you would